Update: Stacked with Nvidia Pascal-series graphics and 7th-generation Intel processors, the Overclockers Titan Gladius is one of the most powerful boutique gaming PCs you can buy, but it comes at a price. Read on to number 4 on our list to find out more!

In 2017, PC gaming is still going strong. While Razer and Logitech are spearheading wireless mice for competitive play, Acer wants to rule the Ultrabook-thin gaming laptop space with its Predator Triton 700 without compromising on power. Still, if you want to get started with PC gaming, your best bet is to opt for only the best gaming PC.

That’s right, although gaming laptops might be more stylish and portable than their desktop counterparts, there’s no denying that a sturdy ol’ tower of power is destined to last you significantly longer. With the top gaming PC, you can upgrade components individually to avoid being outclassed by consoles later down the line.

Especially if you would prefer to spend your time playing games than learning how to build a computer, the 10 best gaming PCs below are the best place to start. And with quality exclusives such as Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III now making their rounds, the hype train for PC gaming is sure to gain a few more passengers in addition to yourself.

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