If you are needing to reset your password on your Apple Macbook or iMac with OS X El Capitan / OS Sierra, then here is how to do it (there are only 5 steps):

1. Boot to the recovery partition on your original drive by holding down Command-R during the startup process. When you see the start up screen, you can let go of the keys.  (if you do not have a command button on keyboard ‘ please kindly use the ‘ALT’ key with ‘R’).
You would need to use a wired keyboard – a standard USB PC wired keyboard will work.

(Note: If you see a login window or your own desktop and icons, it’s possible that you didn’t hold Command-R early enough. Restart and try again.)

2. When the machine boots, you will see the OS X Utilities screen. Click on ‘Utilities’ in the Apple menu (at the very top of screen – please refer to red circle on picture below) and select Terminal.

os x utilities

3. At the Terminal prompt, type ‘resetpassword’ (no quotes) then hit enter.

4. This will launch the reset utility, which allows you to select a drive, a user, then a new password and password hint for your admin user.

5. After saving, go to the Apple Menu and click Restart.



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