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Apple Certified

Our Refurbished items are given Tender Love and Care!

Whether we refurbish a Laptop, Macbook, iMac or iPad, we follow very rigid and careful steps to ensure that our customers have a machine with 100% performance.

ourdeal refurbished macbook

What is a Refurbished Product?

If you’ve done any research into buying a tech device, then you’ve likely come across the term “refurbished.” What is a refurbished product? In short, it refers to products that have been professionally serviced and tested to bring them up to the same quality as new products.

Refurbished items are pre-owned devices that have been returned by their original user. After being inspected and repaired (if necessary) these devices are sold by us at a discounted price with a warranty equal to that of a new device.
Buying a refurbished item from us can give you peace of mind because these devices are thoroughly tested for defects before being sold again. Additionally, our items come with warranties equal to those offered on new machines.
Read on to see our processes.