Packing your item ready for return (important). 
Please follow steps to avoid any return rejection.

You can bookmark this page if you wish to do this at a later time.

1. Please pack your item in its original box with packaging, as safely as possible.  This is to avoid any damage during shipping and to avoid any possible damage liability.

If you do not have your original box, then an alternative strong box fully packed out will suffice.  Please ensure there is no room for movement of your item inside box during transit.  We will not accept any returns without appropriate packaging.

If any of the air pockets have been deflated, then please ensure extra packaging is used (so that there is no chance of screen damage if your item is an iMac – or has a separate screen for example).

2. Include any leads / chargers / peripherals (such as keyboard and mouse).

3. Kindly stick a piece of paper on the outside of the box and write:

MK15 8HF

4. Please ensure strong tape is used to package your box.

5. Please wait for your RMA code.  This will be emailed to you.  This can take up to 24 hours, but it is usually quicker than this (not including weekends and bank holidays).

Please note you have 30 days to use this returns code. After this period we reserve the right to refuse your return.